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Meg & Michael's Chestnut Ridge Wedding

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Three days ago, I was feeling extra motivated and was all, "I'm gonna blog every day for the 12 days of Christmas." & Then I did one blog post, and now I'm behind already. So.

On the second day of Christmas I got a little procrastination until day four but on the second blog I'm sharing one of my favorite weddings at one of my very favorite venues, Chestnut Ridge.

Some weddings stick with you (as a photographer I mean). This one, even though it is a couple of years old, is my "go to" when people ask to see an example of a wedding gallery. I send it for several reasons.

For starters, the couple was so incredibly in love with each other (and still are) that their joy on their wedding day made my job of "capturing" the love incredibly easy. It was everywhere. Her details were thoughtful and perfectly curated. The weather was amazing. & even though the florist was running late because of traffic and the groom got stuck in traffic, too, you can't tell there was a bit of craziness and several big adjustments to our photo timeline because of those things and THAT is why I like to send the gallery.

Because at the end of the day, most weddings don't go perfectly to plan. & as the photographer it's my job to be flexible. With weather, timeline adjustments, helping where I can, and keeping my couples calm in the moments that get a little chaotic. I always mention this at the end of the email because when you scroll through there is zero indication their day didn't go as planned - and that's because even though technically it didn't, it was a perfect day.

& if I could hammer in any one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding it's that. That even if your day doesn't go 100% as planned and your timeline deviates because of traffic or weather or one of the hundreds of hiccups you may experience it doesn't mean your day isn't perfect. Nobody but you, some of your vendors, and your wedding party know the actual "plan" for the day. & your vendors (especially your coordinator and your photographer) will make sure that no matter what happens all of the important parts of your day happen. Even if they happen with clear umbrellas or out of their original order.

Chestnut Ridge, where this wedding was, has a team of planners/coordinators that only work with couples at this venue - which means they are ready for literally anything. & they are all incredibly sweet and fun. It's the biggest perk of the venue, for sure. Which is saying something because I mean... look at it.

Did you know 2022's color is a shade of purple? I have shot more purple weddings in my career than any other color so it's like I've been training for 2022 for a decade.

Just look at these florals. & the cake. I love a traditional cake with fresh flowers on it and something like this is something I would consider at my own wedding one day. I LOVE a fun and trendy cake but I am always a fan of a timeless design. Years later and her florals and cake aren't even the least bit dated.

Technically, Meg was ahead of trends. In 2022 baby's breath is expected to make a huge comeback.

Brit, with Flawless, is one of my favorite hair and makeup artists in Asheville and she's always on my referral list when a client asks for recommendations. She shows up ready to hype up her clients and her brides and always leaves them looking like themselves, just a dolled-up version of themselves. It's so important that a bride looks into the mirror and still recognizes herself after she gets all fancy - and Brit makes sure that happens and that her bride is full of confidence and freshly hyped up and loved on before she sends her down the aisle.

Another CR perk? The bridal suite. Spacious and functional and also photogenic.

Hair appreciation moment. Scroll back up. Look at it. Soak it in. It stayed that pretty ALL night, even after dancing. You may continue.

First looks with parents? Another thing that I suggest if your timeline allows it. CR makes this moment particularly easy because the bride can stay hidden, and the parents can come to her.

First looks with your future spouse? Always a "yes" if you ask for my opinion. They allow for probably the only one-on-one time the couple will get all day, let the couple really soak in the other without trying to play it cool for a crowd, and let us get extra formals.

How sweet are these two????

This bouquet. Still one of my most favorite ever. I think it's the texture and the pastel shades.

It was huge - and I'm not sad about it. Meg is teensy which just made that bouquet even more of a statement piece. Meg really deserves a blog post all her own. She looked amazing and her dress looked like it was made for her.

I mean really. Is she a model?

They guys weren't too shabby, either. & The groom is a twin! Y'all know I always love to talk to twins that are still close as grownups. I pray all of the time that my girls stay close their entire lives.

Michael really liked this truck. I would be lying if I said he was the first or last guy to request photos with this truck. My dad is exactly the kind of guy who would want pictures with it, too, and I always think that when we walk down to it.

The venue knew their audience here in the south for sure when they chose it to display their logo. Alexa, play "The Assignment."

Cheers to being married!!!

He did not love her shoes as much as he loves her, haha. So naturally we had to snap a picture to commemorate his true feelings about them.

Did I ask her to keep holding this bouquet even though it was heavy? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes.

This. This is the kind of cake cutting I want one day with the twins. & zero cake smushing. Or I will cry. Ha.

We snuck outside at sunset for a few more photos and talked about how they couldn't wait to become parents. Guess what? Now they are!!!!

Can we appreciate the back of Chestnut Ridge showing off? It's literally gorgeous from every single angle. I promise, not every venue is.

These two had so much fun at their reception. You would be surprised at how many weddings I shoot where there are only one or two people dancing - I'm pretty sure everyone made it out onto the dance floor at least for a song or two at their wedding.

Now, these next few are out of order. But you can tell the moment he realized that he was still hooked up to a microphone after I asked him to whisper something silly in her ear. Apparently, he went with something flirty and then he realized the videographer was going to hear it later. I have never laughed so hard during formal photos as I did when he pointed to the microphone and was like, "OH NO!"


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