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Charleston Engagement

When these two reached out about Charleston engagement photos I had one question: "Can I bring the twins?"

Okay - two questions: "Um... can we do some on Rainbow Row?"

We exchanged almost 200 quick emails before the twins and I headed to Charleston to meet these two at the stunning Magnolia Plantation (a photographer's dream) and by the time we met face to face I felt like I already knew them (well, her for sure).

How amazing is this venue? I should mention that as romantic as this all was there were several funny moments like when we spent ten minutes looking for a tiny black and white anteater in pea gravel for Brooklynn mid-shoot.

Every time we rounded a corner I was impressed with the palm trees and moss and Notebook feel of MP and I look forward to going back one day.

[PS: if there is moss at your shoot low enough for me to shoot through... I'm doing it. Ten times. At least.]

There were so many "different" looking areas and one of my favorites was when we rounded a corner and spotted some bright pink flowers. The twins were a fan of them, too, because they fell off trees in almost perfect condition and since I wouldn't let them "pick" any they were pretty happy to find them on the ground.

Her ring = even prettier than the flowers.

The Wisteria we stumbled on a few minutes later was just as fun.

At one point I told them we were "almost done" rounded a corner (again) and saw a peacock... so I mean... we were not almost done anymore.

They were so, so brave to get this close to him.

There were honestly so many "pretty spots" that if we weren't trying to beat the rain and get to the beach I may have stayed there all day and still not felt like I had taken photos in all of the "best spots" but the gazebo was at the top of our list and we made sure to spend some time there. I LOVE gazebos - like, point them out anytime I see one. This one? This one is amazing.

One of our MAIN goals was to find some of the pretty sprawling trees and take photos with the branches and moss, so we started to head that way and walked right into what I felt like looked like a post card. The following shots are some of my favorite, ever, and made me think, "Man - I finally know how to use my camera this is exactly how I pictured these turning out." While they look serene - just know there was an alligator nearby that was making me really, really uncomfortable. Was it a baby? Maybe. Was I being one? Maybe...

Anyone who wants to shoot here - just know I am ALWAYS down for a road trip.

Their engagement session actually took place over three locations - so stay tuned for a separate blog post for the other two (which are super colorful, involve chip throwing, and include a little bit of rain). As I was writing this I really felt like Magnolia Plantation deserved all of the spot light.


Was I right or was I right?!

Oh - and guess who said they were happy to have the twins join? Yeah. These two sweethearts.


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