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Boyd Mountain Engagement

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Boyd Mountain is actually one of THE first places I ever shot an engagement shoot so it was really fun to come back eight years later. What was even more fun though was meeting Dana & Austin in real life. It did not feel like I was meeting strangers for the first time in the least and we spent the whole shoot laughing (mostly because Austin spent the whole shoot trying to make Dana laugh) and talking about how much "they" love The Hallmark Channel movies, Christmas, and Hawaii (I mean - is there such a thing as "soulmates when it comes to photographers & clients).

These two plan to have a Christmas themed wedding and I'm so on board it is ridiculous. My tree has been up since before Halloween if that tells you how much I love Christmas (you should read my last blog post dedicated to how Christmas saved my girls to really understand my love of Christmas weddings). So ornaments were a must for this shoot, even if Christmas has already happened. We even got lucky and found one tree that still had lights on it.

I hope you enjoy previews from their engagement shoot today as much I as enjoyed spending an hour with them. I honestly doubt that's humanly possible but I do hope you enjoy them just the same!

Boyd Mountain Tree Farms has more than pretty Christmas Trees. They also have a lovely reflective pond that absolutely glows at sunset. I'm sure sunrise is lovely too but let's be real - I'm rarely up that early. They also do cabin rentals, by the way!

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