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Marni's Headshots

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

When Marni reached out about headshots - I wasn't even sure which business venture she needed them for, because the woman does it all. For starters, she's a makeup guru -and you can catch her tutorials live on Facebook and Instagram (the links will be at the bottom of this post). Which frankly made my job of taking her photos pretty darn easy.

It took a little convincing to let me do close-up photographs. She just knew she wouldn't love them. The best part about my job though is showing my clients sides of themselves they didn't realize were flawless and squashing as many insecurities as possible during our time together. It takes a little trust on my client's part (and sometimes a good bit of coaxing on mine) but, Marni would tell you I was right when I told her to, "Just trust me," and got up close and personal for these shots.

That makeup she's wearing she also sells. She's an Elite Younique Status Presenter - and while I've never used the makeup and this is definitely not an ad... I think these photographs give her makeup brand of choice plenty of credibility. When she started using Younique she was just a customer and would share the cutest selfies tagging them and raving about their products. Then I watched her decide to become a distributor "just for fun" and kept watching as she built herself a mini-makeup empire with a team of women she leads who are the embodiment of #BossBabes. Selling things online is hard - and it's even harder to put yourself out there; Marni does both.

She's also fully committed to bringing as many women with her on her journey to the top as possible - and that's why women look to her for advice and guiadance.

My dad's neighbor's cows also really wanted to follow Marni - like fuzzy paparazzi.

Not only does she do all of that (and blog about it all pretty consistently on The Glam Diet) she also has a 9-5 full time job in the aesthetics industry (appropriate - right?!) and specializes in laser treatments and Cool sculpting. If you don't follow her on Instagram you should, because her work stories are incredibly entertaining. The girl knows how to have fun no matter what's going on - and this freezing cold photo shoot was no exception. While I try to make every shoot as fun as possible it is so much easier when people show up with a positive attitude and a, "Sure, Vic... I trust you just tell me what to do," attitude.

When I told Marni to bring her pretty blue chair I had noticed in one of her Instagram stories - she didn't even ask why. Those pictures were why. I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites from her headshot session. She had a friend tag along for moral support (which is never a bad idea) and that friend is going to be doing her own headshot session next month. I snuck a few pictures of her trying not to freeze to death during Marni's session - and I'm already looking forward to her shoot!

Be sure to find Marni on social media by clicking the links below:

& for lashes like hers you'll want to visit Asheville Lash Company.

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