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Biltmore Wedding

When I first started doing weddings in the Asheville area at the top of my "Dream Venues" list was The Biltmore Estate - so when Sarah told me she wanted me to shoot her wedding there it was one of those, "Oh my gosh ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" moments. Sarah is the epitome of a Biltmore bride; she has the most timeless beauty and sophisticated sense of style. Plus, she has an eye for details.

Her makeup artist, Kate, is one of my favorite people in the whole world so it was super fun to show up to a wedding and get to see her.

Her getting ready photos are some of my favorite, ever, and while I'm not usually a huge fan of black and white photography I loved these (which worked out well, because Sarah loves her some B&W photos).

Did I make her twirl around while we waited on the car ? Yes I did.

PS; if you're going to do a Biltmore wedding you almost HAVE to rent a classic car like this one. The actual ceremony took place across the street at All Soul's Cathedral - a place just as pretty as Biltmore Estate in it's own way.

I wish you could have seen the looks on everyone's faces as she walked through the door.

Per the couples request I'm keeping the ceremony photos private but take my word for it - the ceremony was so sweet and full of lots of love for Sarah & her hubby. & while the request not to post photos may annoy some photographers (I've seen complaints about this very thing in forums) I'll take this moment to let everyone know that while yes, I do love posting photos, I also would rather have happy clients than another photo to share on Instagram. I've shot entire weddings that I've been asked not to share online - and that's something I will always respect. So when Sarah asked me not to share photos of the ceremony or guests - I was 100% okay to respect that.

PS - those velvet shoes on both of them. Swoon.

Rainbows in wedding photos are supposed to mean someone you loved was with you that day. <3

They had the sweetest reception at Biltmore with some of the yummiest food out there and then we headed outdoors for some last minute photos before the storm caught up with us.

Prior to that stormy weather, though, we were lucky and got lots of sunshine.

& we were also lucky enough to not have to fight too many crowds that day.

Sarah literally was met with applause when she started twirling around.

I mean seriously - she's an actual princess.

This view at Biltmore is my favorite, and I can certainly see why George built his home here. The blue ridge mountains made the perfect backdrop for some of my favorite portraits of these two.

Her laughter is absolutely contagious and I really hope their little one (who is due soon) gets her laugh.

Was I standing behind a flower bush for these? Maybe. Was it worth it to add some color to the photos? Yes it was.

This wedding was seriously a dream for me - if a few years ago you'd have told me I would get to shoot the classiest wedding, ever, for the nicest couple at Biltmore I would have said, "I WISH!" & while I certainly hope it isn't my last wedding there if it does end up being the only one I shoot there that would be okay too, because I can't imagine topping this one she set the bar so high (but really, hopefully it's not because it's such a fun venue to shoot).

This wedding was also featured on Lea Ann Belter's blog, which was incredibly exciting.


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