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Biltmore Forest Country Club Summer Wedding

Molly & Blake's wedding has been a long time coming. Originally planned for the summer of 2020, we all know how that goes... and these two made the hard call to postpone. All while Molly wrapped up law school and passed the bar - I'm seriously just so impressed with her still.

Their wedding was full of sweet and sentimental details, stunning florals, amazing food, lots of dancing, and so so much love. & not just between Molly & Blake, but between them and their siblings, their friends, their parents, and everyone else in attendance.

This embroidered napkin has the names and dates of the weddings of some of her mom's best friends, and now Molly is on it, too.

These colors. So classy and pretty.

How incredible was her bouquet? & her shoes? They were so sparkly in real life that a member of the club stopped to take photos of them so she could order some for herself. That's how you know you've got good taste, PS.

She and her girls were so much fun to hang out with before the wedding - and I had the best time watching them goof off and be silly while they got fancy. When I walked in, the first thing Molly did was tell me she was so sorry about my grandfather being in the ICU - and from what I know about Molly from chatting with her over the last year of so, that's pretty typical. For her to be in the middle of her wedding day and thinking of others. All of her friends were just as sweet.

I haven't seen Leah in forever, but she's one talented lady and she had Molly looking like the princess she is.

Her. Dress.

Pinky's up because #classy.

Truly one of the most fun groups of girls ever.

Her maid of honor stayed to help get her dressed and everyone else headed outside for a first look.. RIGHT as the rain came. So we ran inside (literally) and just had the girls close their eyes so Molly could walk out.

PS. Their reactions to Molly "fully done up" were so stinkin' sweet. So were her dad & brother's reactions.

I honestly wish I could write her dad's exact reaction but I'm not sure if he'd kill me for typing it out, but man it had us all ROLLING in the best way.

I love how much they love her.

She truly looked like a real life princess.

It was a hot day, and the forecast called for thunder storms. While the rain did show up a few times it did rain less than it was supposed to which gave us time for some fun outdoor pictures in between bursts of thunderstorms. Like these fun champagne popping pictures with the girls before guests started arriving.

Their faces - hahaha. Champagne pops really are so nerve racking.

The valet members of BCC were amazing, and anytime it started raining they let us use their work area to do photographs and were so incredibly accommodating (as the rest of the staff was all day as well).

Once we escaped the rain and headed back up stairs I figured it was a good time for some more photos of the girls and of Molly. They thought I was a weirdo when I told Molly to look down and pretend her elbow was so funny... until they saw these. & then for the rest of the day everyone just laughed at my weird directions but totally went with it.

How adorable is she?!?!?!

Just seriously the most fun girls, ever.

& the prettiest bride.

Their ceremony space was so elegant and gorgeous. It really made an impression.

You can't tell it here, but it was exactly 1000 degrees outside before they started bringing the heat (insert exaggerated wink).

I was shaking from laughing so hard here.

The rain seriously stopped at some great times.

They had a twirling contest. I'm not even sure who I think did it best but her dress really was made for spinning like a princess.

Have you ever seen a more appetizing set up??!!

I've never seen fancier bacon.

I always always always recommend sneaking out for sunset photos - and now I'm going to recommend sunset dance parties with your girls to embarrass your husband, ladies.

These two had the most fun wedding guests, ever. Almost every single person was on the dance floor all night, hot inside or not - and every single person was laughing and having a great time. None, probably, more than Molly's brother - see if you can spot him if you don't already know who he is. Ha!

I honestly had the best time with them yesterday - especially with everything going on in my world with my grandpa... I've said this before and I'll say it a million more times but my job is a blessing. Even when it's hard, even when it's hot. It's really, really hard to be sad at a wedding when everyone around you is happy.

Joy is contagious.

& I'm thankful for that.

I hope these photos bring all of you joy, also.


Coordination - Party Envy Event Planning

Venue & Dessert - Biltmore Country Club

Videographer - Wildwood Media

Floral - Flower Gallery

Ceremony Music - Café String Quartette

Reception Music - DJ Lucas London

Hair & Makeup - Makeup by Leah Milan

Transportation - Elite Limo

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