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Biltmore Forest Country Club Fall Wedding

I'll start by saying that for almost a week before this wedding it rained every day.

Monsoon style rain.

The week before that? It was hot. Like... summertime hot.

What kind of October weather did Parker & Morgan get a whole year after their original wedding date (thanks to COVID)? Perfect weather.

Sunshine. Blue skies popping out from behind pretty clouds. A cool breeze and comfortable temperatures in the shade (standing in the sun on the golf course was a little warm, admittedly). But truly - the best weather for a golf course wedding they could have asked for.

When I first got there I started with details and Morgan handed me her middle school yearbook where Parker, going into 8th grade, used the opportunity to tell Morgan, who was going into 9th, that he loved her. He waited all through High School for them to finally get together in college - and I loved hearing about that Thanksgiving Break during the speeches. You know what I loved more? His little teenage boy handwriting in the yearbook. How freaking cute is it?!

There were four first looks (her girls, her dad, step-dad, and Parker) and all of them were so sweet. I had told her and the bridesmaids that if they cried to lean forward and let the tears fall to the ground versus down their makeup. All I'm saying is most of the girls spent a lot of time leaning forward during these first looks.

One of my favorite things about his wedding was how traditional the cake was for the wedding and what a statement it made when you walked into the Country Club lobby and it was the first thing you saw with stained glass windows behind it in the background. What really set the tone for the type of wedding this was ? The groom's cake. A lot of people opt for silly or gimmicky groom's cakes that don't go with the wedding theme at all and almost feel like an after thought (Nick and I have talked about this before and how some groom's cakes seem like a bride went, "Fine - you can have something with a football on it). This one was so nice and it really just added to the rest of the wedding decor and blended right in - just like these two, their families, and their friends all blended together into one big, loving group of people.

I almost felt like it shouldn't have been cut later that night but these two sure did look cute doing so.

Morgan's mother planned one of the classiest weddings I've ever seen while somehow still managing to make it incredibly welcoming and fun. I didn't see anyone there who wasn't having a good time or who couldn't find a place to sit comfortably. I wish you could have seen how peaceful dinner was - and how rockin' the dance floor got almost immediately afterward.

Moment of appreciation to Morgan for finding the prettiest bridesmaid's dresses I've ever seen that were equally as pretty when posing for photos as they were when the girls were twirling around the dance floor. When I get married if you see my girls wearing this exact dress in some shade of pink or blue - you know where I stole the idea from...

How low can you go? How low can you go? (Answer; all the way to the floor).

"She's a classically trained ballerina who prefers to pop, lock, and drop it," - the maid of honor during her speech talking about Morgan. ONE look at how comfortable Morgan was gettin' low on the dance floor and I had two thoughts 1. We'd have gotten along splendidly in college (half the songs they played were popular when I was in school and I LOVED to go dancing with my friends) and 2. Her maid of honor NAILED that description of Morgan.

Both the maid of honor and best man couldn't stop talking about what good and kind people they are. It was obvious to me that those things weren't exaggerations. Their wedding day was actually my first time meeting them and they were like fast friends who let me boss them around and thanked me for doing so (ha). Usually I blog these things in chronological order but I wanted to save some of my favorites for last.

This group of humans were not just good looking and great dancers - but they were all very friendly, super accommodating, and very good sports about photos even when there was an ongoing threat of bee stings and being run over by golfers in golf carts. When the ten seconds of rain started? They were ready to do what needed to be done to get the pictures their friends needed in five seconds (thankfully, the rain stopped as fast as it started but even if it hadn't this group was going to make it happen for their friends).

Was I singing "Apple Bottom Jeeeeeans boots with the furrrrrr" for dance party music for these photos? Maybe. Does Jared Searcy have video proof of it? Hopefully not with audio.

It's the way her maid (matron, technically, on the far left) of honor is looking at her in this photo for me.


Now. Are you ready for Morgan's veil and all of the lovely pictures it let us get because it was the gift that kept on giving when the sun shone and the wind blew??

---Brace Yourself---

Ladies - if you're debating on wearing a veil on your wedding day consider these photos a sign that you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD.

What. A. Freaking. Queen. (Shout out to Alicia for the best veil toss on the first try, ever).

So Morgan is now a wedding dress model. You saw it here, first.

I can't get over how happy she looks in these. I hope my daughters grow up, find someone to love as much as she loves Parker, pick out a dress they can twirl in, and then feel THIS pretty and have THIS much fun on their wedding day, too.

Oh. You thought I was done sharing previews that included that magical veil? Nope. There's more. & I'm not even a little sorry.

Honestly. I love everything about every decision they made styling themselves for their wedding. His bow tie. Her veil. His black buttons on his white shirt. Her twirly dress. It is all very Pinterest worthy and anyone planning a wedding should save this post for inspo later.

Her. Veil. In. The. Sun. Light. Swoon.

Congratulations again, you two! ! I hope you have the best time in Italy and make it back to Dallas safely. I 1000% plan to see you two in Texas one day.

Vendor List Coming Tomorrow (Monday)

[since it's almost 1 am on a school night and this mama needs to make herself go to bed for now]

PS: Thank you to the Biltmore Forest Country Club staff for letting us do a teensy tiny sparkler exit for Morgan - she really wanted one and they don't typically allow them. It was so, so nice of them to make an exception for her.


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