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A Springtime Fall Wedding

I met these two when Olivia and Evert when Olivia moved in next door to me when I was living in a duplex in Waynesville (where we were before our current home). We became fast friends and they were so nice to have next door when things like power lines caught on fire, snow made the power go out, the driveway needed to be shoveled, and the hamsters needed baby-sat. Olivia would walk over late at night some nights to ask me if something was "too sparkly" (the answer is never) or to chat with me while I cleaned the apartment and the girls slept.

When I met her she was in nursing school and I got to watch her graduate and witnessed her career as a nurse start. I was SO excited for them when they got engaged and even more excited when they got their first home together and adopted their first fur baby.

So when she asked me if I could shoot their wedding the answer was, "Of course."

Now - Olivia had always wanted a fall wedding but one of Evert's best friends wasn't going to be here in the fall, so they planned a spring wedding with fall colors and honestly the weather was on their side. I love that about Olivia - that she cared more about the people who matter to them being there than anyone else.

It was warm at times (80 degrees and sunny), but there was a cool breeze and some of the blooming trees almost looked like fall foliage (how lucky for a girl who always wanted fall colors). It was perfect.

The details were fun to shoot but even more fun to experience. The dried flowers were so pretty and Olivia wore a tiara that her grandmother wore in 1960 when she got married. I love when brides include family heirlooms. I also love when pets are included - and when their dogs ran out in a tiny dress and suit I was way, way too excited.

I'm posting these previews while they are honeymoon-ing at Disney and trying to be totally happy for them and not jealous at all, but... Disney.

I hope you all love them - and I hope that they have the best time on their first vacation as a married couple!!

[I have a diamond necklace from my grandmother that I will be wearing one day when I get married and diamond earrings from my mom - but now I'm thinking I should buy a tiara so that one day the girls have a GREAT excuse to wear one one day]

The sequins and lace on this dress from Candler Budget Bridal were so intricate and romantic. It reminded me of something the princess on A Knight's Tale would wear and Olivia looked gorgeous in it.

Metallic blush shoes = the perfect wedding shoes.

Her sweet grandmother (who she got the tiara from).

Now - I actually wouldn't let him turn around to see Olivia for a minute because their littlest baby came running out in this dress & I was super distracted - can you blame me though?!

It's a baby dress. How freakin' cute?!?!

*The moment I almost started crying*

We did their first look in front of the most beautiful blooming dogwood tree in her dad's backyard and when they teared up I almost started to cry.

Now. When people tell me they are getting married in a backyard sometimes I'm skeptical - but this backyard is perfect for intimate weddings and rivals some of the venues around here in Haywood County.

I mean really.

For their unity ceremony they did something I've never seen before and added soil and water to a tree that they'll plant at their home to represent putting down roots. I thought that was so neat and unique - I've been doing weddings for almost a decade now and haven't ever seen this.

Their fur babies are a huge part of their lives - so of course they were part of the wedding. & even though they didn't exactly get the memo that they weren't supposed to be part of the actual ceremony it made for some fun giggles.

"Nothing to see here. Just carrying a dog no biggie."

After the ceremony we had a ton of time to play for formals and there was the biggest tree right behind the ceremony spot so naturally we took a bunch there - because this is a girl who always dreamed of a fall wedding and the least I could do was try to give her a "fall wedding photo."

Nailed it.

Liv, I'm seriously so happy for you and hope that all of your dreams continue to come true.

The wind took over and caught the spray and made for some of the cutest champagne popping pictures, ever. I love them in color but I feel like in Black and White you can realllllly appreciate how much is getting Olivia.

Still giggling over this one.

Congrats, you two.

Can't wait to see where life takes you next.

Hair & Makeup II Flawless Airbrush Makeup

Dress II Candler Budget Bridal

Venue II Her dad's backyard <3

Cake II Her grandmother

Flowers II Clyde's Florist

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