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A Max Patch Engagement

This is what Max Patch looked like at 7am this morning when the wind was blowing the snow around like a tiny blizzard. It was 17 degrees, gloves were useless, and it was so cold I lost feeling of my fingers within the first few minutes. I'll be honest - when these were the shots I was getting after we all made arrangements for our kiddos so we could meet early on the mountain and hike up to Max Patch I started to panic on the inside. Pretty quickly we decided against hiking to the top. One - it was so white outside it wouldn't have looked like the top. Two - it was way too cold to be far away from our vehicles or out in the elements for an hour with no shelter.

Five years ago I may have called the session a loss and packed up. The couple was ready to call it a day because five minutes in they were frozen, but I asked them to climb in their car to warm up and let me brainstorm. I noticed the treeline near the entrance to the parking lot didn't have as much wind whipping through it and asked them if they wanted to try. We all decided if it didn't work out - we would just call it a loss and try again on another day.

Guess what though? It wasn't a loss.

The other side of the parking lot - a mere fifty feet from that first image - was noticeably warmer and I could actually SEE them.

Can we all take a moment to swoon over her dress from Lulu's (one my favorite places to buy dresses) and the fact she toughed out 17 degree temperatures not even counting the wind chill?

Her. Ring. I'm a sucker for a pretty solitaire I'll be honest.

These two met last fall and were engaged by Christmas. When you know, you know. One of my favorite friends from college is the daughter of a couple that has been married for almost thirty years... and they dated for a whopping month before they got married. When it comes to love there is NO timeline. Trust me - after almost a decade of hearing couple's tell their love stories that is one thing I am the MOST sure of.

I can't wait to edit the rest of their session - but I couldn't resist getting their blog post up now that I can feel my fingers. I hope you enjoyed them. To see more photos like these be sure to follow Victoria Grace Photography on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest (my most neglected account, I'll be honest - but one of my 2019 business goals is to keep it up to date).

Thank you, Jill & John for trusting me to capture your engagement photos... and for trusting me when the weather seemed to have it out for us.

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