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A Local #BossBabe

Whytni & I both attended Enka High school forever ago and our paths were forever crossing because of mutual friends. So when social media became a thing, naturally we were on each other's pages. I've watched her go from the pretty blonde girl engaged to a guy I spent a good chunk of High School riding around with (see? Mutual friends!) to the even prettier new mama raising two of the cutest kids around. Then a couple of years ago Whytni decided that being successful as a hair stylist wasn't all she could succeed at - so she started selling SeneGence Products.

& I'll be honest - she's the kind of woman who can talk you into selling it, too, if you watch how it has changed her life. When she reached out about head shots I thought two things: 1. This will be so easy because she just keeps getting prettier and 2. Which business does she need them for - because this girl has her hands in EVERYTHING. So we decided to do a pretty well rounded head shot shoot to focus on everything that makes Whytni the epitome of a "Boss Babe."

It just so happens that the week we were chatting about her portrait session Gus Cutty [be sure to follow his Instagram here) finished painting his Dolly Parton mural in downtown Asheville - so that's where we started.

If you've ever done a shoot with me you know I am the QUEEN of seemingly ridiculous requests followed with the words, "Just trust me." For instance; "Hey... go stand in that doorway but watch out for the drippy water and broken glass - just trust me."

After we spent a few minutes hanging out by Dolly we headed downtown. Which honestly was an adventure in and of itself. It turns out it takes a REALLY long time to put $7 in change into a parking meter. You know - the kind that has the little metal thing you have to squish each penny in with... yeah.

Full disclosure: if you wear something that will twirl when you spin I am going to ask you to spin, a lot.

PS - This girl's hair almost makes me want to stop wearing mine in a messy bun all of the time. Almost. She uses Head Kandy and swears by it. When a hair stylist is impressed with hair products then you should be, too. You can check them out here and use her discount code Whytni15.

& those three marks on her hand? Her favorite Lipsense colors of the moment. You can follow her here and here for more information and to see her favorite looks.

If I could share every photo that I loved from this session I would. Honestly, I haven't even shared every outfit in this blog post. I am going to post a few of the cutest pictures in her floppy hat on Instagram that you can check out here (be sure to hit follow while you're over there). I'm probably the most inconsistent blogger ever, but I wanted to post the floppy hat pictures because I'll be beach bound in the am and I figured that was a good excuse to crank out a blog post. The best excuse? Helping a full time mama and full time industry leader expand her clientele a bit. "We rise by lifting others," and Whytni spends as much time loving on her kiddos and growing her business as she does encouraging other women to step out of their comfort zones and into success stories of their own.

PS - This #MomBoss is going to give THIS mama (dats me!) a serious hair makeover the Monday after I get back from the beach and she totally understood that I'll have the twins in tow. Expect pictures - because Whytni literally does everything and everything she does she does flawlessly.

Find more of my photographs on:

Pinterest (PS - I only recently started trying to utilize Pinterest so I would LOVE more followers and occasional reminders to actually add photos to it).

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