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2021 Calendars

Let's start with for Christmas last year I bought myself a really nice 2020 planner.

That I used up until about March 15th - before SO many things were scribbled and moved that I sort of wanted to throw it in a bonfire and call it a year by April.

When all of this started and I wasn't allowed to work/shut downs happened/people were not in the mood for photos I had to get creative when it came to income - and one of the ways I did that was by sharing a gallery of my landscape images and letting people donate/tip me for access to it.

So when I decided I wasn't going to offer indoor Christmas minis like I have the last two years (for the sake of not having lots of people inside of the twins' bubble during flu season/this stuff) I wanted to figure out a way to supplement that income - and I finally put together a calendar. I've been saying I would do this for years and finally went for it.

So as of a few weeks ago you can purchase a calendar from the website here for 2021.

& to keep it from being a waste of money if 2021 brings shutdowns again (Lawd, I hope not) I did several things;

  1. I didn't put the location ON the images so that people can frame them later if they really life one.

  2. I ordered them as a little bigger than 8X10's so that once they are torn off the calendar they should EASILY fit in a picture frame with a little room to trim them down where the edges will be frayed from tearing.

So, even if we don't use them for calendars you're basically ordering 12 frame-able images also. Like this one from Folly Beach, a shot almost like this including the twins is hanging over my desk and it makes me feel so relaxed. It's easily my favorite coastal area.

I've already got an image or two in mind for 2022 (22, PS - is my favorite number so I'm very much looking forward to that year already even if I'm actively trying to enjoy the bright sides/good times that 2020 is offering... even if they feel few and far between some days).

The shipping time for MOST people has been about 14-15 days after ordering & so far several friends have told me that the calendars were bigger (yay) than expected and that the images look even better in print than online (I agree with this - and was actually surprised I thought it would go the other way), and that they've ordered them for friends/family for Christmas.

I would appreciate it so much if you shared this blog post and encouraged your friends/family to do the same! Every order helps this mama.

PS; this shot on Noah's birthday month (my little brother) is intentional. We actually took a drive up to watch the sunset soon after he passed, because I just needed a day with Nick and the girls. & this is what I got. It was also shared by Southern Living Magazine, which is one of the cooler things to ever happen to me (lame as that may sound to some of you). It will forever remind me of him and make me thankful for the promise I'll see him again one day in Heaven.

They shared this one, also, which is in the calendar as well.

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