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A Biltmore Engagement

This was one of those shoots that required lots of anti-rain-dancing, weather app stalking, and last minute changes or locations to try to make it work with a bad forecast. It rained on and off, but changing the location saved the shoot as our original plan would have stuck us all trekking through mud instead of on sidewalks. In spite of the weather, we ended up with some very bright and "Spring-y" engagement photos even lovelier than we expected.

There were a few blooming trees near the road, but even with traffic we managed to make some magic out of them. Truth be told, I could have shot under these blossoms all day and if the ground hadn't been wet I would have talked them into under sitting there. They made the sweetest early Spring photo location, don't you think? I was also a little in love with how her jacket looked under such a soft setting.

Kyle and Erin were such good sports. I mean honestly. When I say things like, "Hey, climb under this wet tree in front of lots of traffic near a busy road and just trust me," and someone does, I'm always incredibly thankful. They brought Karson, Kyle's son, along for this shoot.

I've been taking Karson's pictures since before he could tell me "no" when I ask him to stand still for a second of smile. We may have had to chase him a few times, but little man came through for this engagement shoot once I let him be in charge of holding the ring a few times.

As lovely and colorful as the gardens are, nothing beats the details of the actual estate. Especially these columns.

[Please notice that little face in the background. He hardly wanted to be in the pictures we requested him to be in, but he wasn't about to let them take pictures alone, naturally! Also, Erin's skin is phenomenal. She's a Rodan + Fields consultant (you can find her page here) and I didn't have to touch up a single blemish or uneven spot on her face. That almost never happens.

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