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10-10-20 (Nate & Bri)

So funny story - today I technically had two weddings.

& since I can't physically be in two places at once (I tried - haven't figured out teleporting yet) Melissa of Melissa McElrath Photography graciously agreed to drive to Tennessee, shoot this wedding for me, meet me at a gas station and let me download the photos so I could drive home and edit them.

I told Melissa to keep an eye on Nate because I suspected he might cry when he saw Bri.

She did.

He did.

How sweet is he?

Nate & Bri are one of my favorite couples - and while I was bummed I couldn't be there for them, I knew they were in good hands.

You may recognize them from the main photo on my website (at the time of writing this at least) of the couple kissing under the fireworks.

[Bri loves that brown cow in the background - she's an old lady, and the family baby]

They are so fun and so in love - and I'm so glad the rain held off a little for them today even though the forecast wasn't promising.

Nate & Bri - can't wait to see yall soon. Start firework shopping now.

Thank you for letting me be a small part of your wedding day and for hiring me even if I couldn't be there for you physically.


PS - this may be the coolest cake topper I have ever seen (and the most personalized to a couple).

I hope you all enjoy their previews as much as I did going through them trying to pick a few favorites before bed. Be sure to give Melissa a follow (she did a fantastic job channeling her inner Vicki, which turns out is pretty similar to her inner Melissa anyhow)! She's associate shooting for me again next year for another couple I love who had to reschedule to a day I'm already booked because of COVID. I'm super thankful for her friendship and for her willingness to help this mama and her couples out <3

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