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A hurricane blew threw in the middle of a global pandemic - and you'd never know looking at their smiles all day.

The theme of 2020, for sure, has been a resounding "EL OH EL" from the universe whenever anyone makes a plan, but we've all learned to roll with it and to focus on the important things. Today - the important thing was that Brittany and AJ became husband and wife.

Brittany & AJ booked me TWO years ago. Brittany and I have talked almost every day since then. She has an eye for detail and she had a plan. One that little by little COVID changed until the wedding they had didn't look like the wedding she planned. I know she was discouraged. So many 2020 couples have been. You can't tell that looking at her though.

The day of her intimate fall wedding? Rain.

LOTS of rain from Hurricane Delta.

But she smiled and laughed all day because she got to marry her soul mate.

I want to say AJ did the same... but honestly he cried a couple of times (it was so sweet).

But then the skies cleared for a few minutes and these two got to play on the golf course as planned and the fall colors really popped and for a minute I forgot this wasn't their Plan A - because it was perfect.

A rainbow even made the briefest of appearances and at one point Brit goes, "I don't want to jinx it but there's the "s" word coming this way," & I was half paying attention while taking ring shots and got SO scared and was like, "SNAKE?! Is there a SNAKE?!" *she meant the sun*

For the record, balancing rings on golf balls while lying on wet ground is the hardest ring shot I've ever set up - and it came out EXACTLY like I hoped it would. Totally worth being soaking wet.

AJ is an avid golfer - and that was part of why they chose High Vista Country Club (the golf course). The views there were pretty, even in the rain. & the property boasts multiple photo op locations. The hike from the golf course back to the club house ? It's a little... steep. But when you're trying to beat the rain you do what you gotta do and you walk up said steep hill while the couple takes turns riding in the golf cart back up to the top.

*and then you try to shout directions for photos and they come out weakly and everyone laughs at you it's fine I'm fine haha*

I hope you enjoy these previews of their big day.

I enjoyed being there - and look forward to seeing them next year on 10-10 (again) for their "hopefully we don't have to socially distance still" celebration with more of their friends & family.

PS - his mama was NOT playing around with those bubble guns. She was out for blood, ha.

[Vendor List Coming Soon]

Planning: Sarah Can Plan It (one of my absolute favorite, ever)

Venue: High Vista Country Club

Hair & Makeup: Bella Bridal

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